Monitoring solutions

SCADA mission is to provide the best PV monitoring system available in the market. In an effort to provide the most professional service possible to customers, the SCADA monitoring system is customizable to the client’s specific needs, enabling all project goals to be met. The proprietary monitoring system focuses on accuracy and reliability to optimize energy output and strengthen client assets.

SCADA monitoring system allows for centralized monitoring, reliable and secure data storage, adaptability to any size installation, and immediate access to alerts, updates, and current conditions at the site. SCADA has the ability to monitor each individual module on a solar array and can detect issues down to the string level. The comprehensive capabilities of the monitoring system produce maximum financial and energy returns and minimal expenses.

  • Real time snap shot of plant status (less than 1 second latency).
  • Supervision and plant operation (alarms).
  • In-plant preventive and corrective maintenance tool.
  • Dashboards for easy visualization of data and communication with devices.

PV based solar systems, whether small or large needs continuous attention. It generates your revenue every sunny day! If you want to “Install & forget” – deploy the simple yet sophisticated SCADA system.