At Excellent Solars, we believe that each project is unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all kind of solutions.

Every Solar PV installation is a fresh quest, where we engineer customized solutions and deliver what is best for each customer’s requirement. Our team of experts not only consider the technical aspects but also lay equal importance on safety and aesthetics of the Solar PV plant.

Long Term Reliability

Our Technical Expertise, use of Premium Equipment and unwavering focus on Quality ensures that our Solar PV Plant perform reliably during its operating life of 25 years.

Hassle Free Installation

We provide end-to-end solution and hassle free installation, taking care of all aspects of project execution, including liaising and operation & maintenance services.

Easy Financing

As a turnkey solar company, we support our customers in securing Bank Finance or PPA Investment, thus reducing their burden of capital expenditure.

Aesthetic Solutions

Our team of experts not only take care of the structural requirement, but also ensures that the Solar PV system blends into the aesthetics its surroundings. This is particularly beneficial for Bungalows, Office Buildings, Hotels and Shopping Malls.

Strong After-Sales Support

Our comprehensive Operation & Maintenance contract, and presence in key cities across Maharashtra ensures that we are never too far when you need us.